July 14, 2002 - 03:13 AM EST - allistair
Rank Changes - Part Deux!
Greetings everyone. We're glad to announce a new and improved rank system for the guild. We hope everyone will like and agree the new ranking system is a vast improvement. While this system is by no means final, we dont expect any major changes anytime soon.
The new system is based off of your character's LVL, and based off of Merit (Merit being proven RvR skills and leadership capability. Merit is determined by the Guildmasters, Seneschals(Officers), and Provosts (Council). Anytime you see MERIT as a requirement it means that you must petition a gm, seneschal, or provost for consideration of promotion to that rank. It is voted upon, and then determined.

Here are the new rank #'s, Titles, and Abilities set to each rank:

Rank 9 - Traveler (Initiate Rank) - This is a probationary rank for new members while they are being evaluted. New members are evaluted for a period of 1 to 2 weeks before being promoted. They can hear and speak in Guild Chat.

Rank 8 - Clansman (Member Rank) - Lvls 1 through 19. This rank is for all members lvls 1 through 20. They can hear and speak in Guild Chat.

Rank 7 - Wayfarer (Emblem Rank) - For Lvls 20+. This rank is for all members lvls 20 and up or if they have 400 in a tradeskill. This rank is capable of wearing the guild emblem In addition to guildchat, they can hear alliance-chat.

Rank 6 - Warder - For lvls 36+ . This rank is for all members lvl 36 through 44.

Rank 5 - Warrior - For lvls 36+ based on MERIT. This rank will be able to SPEAK on the Alliance-Chat Channel.

Rank 4 - Guardian - For lvls 45+. This rank is for all members lvl 45 and up.

Rank 3 - Proectorate - For lvls 45+ based on MERIT. This rank will be able to SPEAK on the Alliance-Chat Channel.

Rank 2 - Provost (Council) - A 9 member voting council with the ability to vote on invitation of new members, promotions, and other guild issues. Provosts have the ability to CLAIM, RELEASE, and UPGRADE keeps. More details on this voting council and how members of the guild will be able to get on the council will be posted shortly.

Rank 1 - Seneschal (Officer) - These are members who have shown experience, knowledge, and professionalism in regards to the leadership and membership of the guild. They are chosen by the guildmasters and existing officers. They have the ability to invite, promote, and remove guild members.

Any player interested in joining TD must either be vouched for by an gm/seneschal/provost OR be voted upon by the officers and provosts.

PLEASE NOTE. RIGHT NOW WE ARE NOT OPENLY RECRUITING FOR THE GUILD. We have a good number of guildies right now, and while we occasionally acquire high-lvl players that have left other guilds, we are not seeking to expand our numbers.

Guildmaster of Teyrnas Dinistrydd

June 18, 2002 - 05:25 PM EST - boblagarcia
Guild Rank Changes
Ok, finally sat down and worked out a new ranking system. Broke it down to six levels. Here's what we came up with.

Guild Officer - original founding members and others voted in by the other officers
High Council - long standing members (at least a month), above level 45
Protectorate - lvl 40 and above that can use alliance chat
Guild Member - lvl 20 player or over 400 primary tradeskill that has been with us for over 2 weeks.
Guild Initate - everyone else

I'll be creating the web page that will have this info fleshed out a bit shortly.

If you log in and notice that you're in one of the Not Used catagories see me (Bob, Bardla, or Jerald) or one of the other qualified problem solvers (Lazerath, Zoricus, Pigtailed Girl, ect)and we'll have you sorted just as soon as you are within visual range.

- Bob

June 08, 2002 - 10:37 AM EST - boblagarcia
Welcome WAR members and a few other quick notes
Just wanted to post a quick welcome to the new members of the guild that are joining us from WAR. In case you haven't met or played with them before take some time to say hello and perhaps group up with them. They're a hearty bunch who isn't used to playing with healers. Again welcome aboard.

I've posted a few more screenshots. It's a grab bag of everything from additional Dragon and Legion shots to DJ invading the midguard capitol and some really old pics of me.

Things I should be getting to this next week include: Getting the links page up, fixing the few missing maps, and trying to come up with something interesting on a small scale... perhaps the Glacer Giant needs a good thawing.

June 02, 2002 - 01:17 AM EST - daikamar
Dragon Raid Screenshots
Well the dragon raid has come and gone. Alas we did not defeat it but at least we brought a camera and got some nice shots!! Check them out at the screenshots page. Note: I also updated the way the screenshots page is displayed. They are now ordered by event and will only show the first 4 screenshots (click on more for the rest).

May 27, 2002 - 08:12 PM EST - daikamar
Web Page Additions
I've added content to the members portion of our web page as some of you may have noticed. This page grabs information from The Camelot Herald about our guild and stores it in our own database. What this means is that when the Herald is not working for whatever reason, we still have our guild database. I will be adding additional features to this page like character details, screenshots, RL pics, bios, etc. So keep an eye out.

May 23, 2002 - 06:38 PM EST - allistair
Dragon Raid and Other News
Notice to all Guild Members. There is an upcoming Dragon Raid for Hibernia-Kay being run by TD Solum Contego. Lvl requirement is 40 and up for Bards, Wardens, and Druids, Lvl 43 requirement for all other classes. Information on date and time can be found in the guild MOTD. Please do not re-post the date/time information in any public venues. We want to avoid Mid or Alb finding about the raid and using it to make a relic attempt.

Additionally, we're excited to announce that a proposal for a guild merger into TD is underway. The other guild met recently and passed a preliminary vote for merging into our guild. Some getting-to-know-you inter-guild events will be posted soon, although most of you are probably already familiar with the guild/members in question. Assuming everything goes well (highly likely), we should have a number of new members very shortly. Some official announcements will be made soon.

This also goes hand-in-hand with our need for ANOTHER guild rank-title restructuring, hopefully our last. We will be posting a proposed rank-title structure shortly, and would appreciate feedback and suggestions on the new system. We also apologize in advance for anyone we inconvenience during the re-structure. Please understand that any changes in the NUMERICAL rank # we make are not actual 'demotions', just changed around to accomodate our increasing numbers. Everyone's abilities will be pretty much with they are now (excluding a few members who were recently and accidentally given officer-like abilities.)

And finally, a big thank you and kudos goes to Daikamar who has helped improve the td website with some back-end functionality for file, screenshot, and news posting. Thanks Dai!

May 18, 2002 - 11:38 AM EST - daikamar
Guild Web Page is ONLINE!!

The new guild website is now live! Kudos go out to Bob for putting us together the beginnings of our new guild webpage. We got some fun stuff in the works for this website and the guild. Suggestions/Comments for improvement of this website (or the guild in general) can be sent to us at [email protected], both Bob and myself will get any email sent to that address. We're also going to work on getting Member Screenshots and other fun stuff like that soon.

Dont forget that every Tuesday and Thursday night around 7pm EST are our guild nights. (With a large portion of the guild being at the local cybercafe that started this guild, Cyberspace Matrix). By the time you read this, we should have a large collection of maps posted on our website for Hibernia, Frontier, Darkness Falls, Epic Zone, etc.

If anyone has anything they would like to plan/group/etc, contact Bob, myself, or one of the Guild Officers to update the guild MOTD. Additionally, if you have character/game screenshots you'd like to submit/post to the website, email them to us at [email protected], and we'll get them online as quickly as possible.

And finally, we've added a new little feature we like to call "Ask Vampyre!". Vampyre is now available to answer any and all questions that you may have. Need to know the circumference of Hibernia? Ask Vampyre! Been trying to find the perfect mace to kill those pesky Albions? Ask Vampyre! Can't figure how to attack a small army in a lunatic frenzy by yourself and still make it out alive? Ask Vampyre! If Vampyre's not there...leave him little notes. He likes that!